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The village of Vergisson is located 10 km west of Mâcon, south of the region of

Burgundy and 70 km north of  Lyon, it's in the heart of a large natural park,

encompassing the rock of Solutré (famous for its archaeological discoveries)

as well as the rock of Vergisson at the foot of where we are spotted.


Our lands are composed of 8 hectares in Pouilly Fuissé , Saint Véran, and

Mâcon village blancs (Chardonney' grape variety) : which make fruity wines

with a lot of freshness and easy to drink.


We rub shoulders with predominantly clay-limestone soils with different facets:

from marl to alternating limestone shale.


The climate is favorable to the cultivation of the vine, thanks to a harsh winter

and a hot summer. Although nowadays this one is upset by the phenomena linked

to global warming.


As for the harvest, it is mainly done manually, except for a few plots that are harvested mechanically.


The pressing is done in whole harvests.

Finally, the vinifications are mainly made in 225 liter barrels as well as in food steel tanks accompanied by temperature control systems.


The bottles are then stored in a semi-underground cellar, in order to maintain a constant hydrometry and temperature in all seasons.

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